All the Avid stuff you're used to, wherever you are.

Postlab for Media Composer is a breakthrough for Avid editors. Work remotely but together through Avid's own collaborative tools. Postlab's cloud storage allows for Bin Locking, the use of Workspaces, and even your Unity Attic is right there.

To Media Composer Postlab acts like a NEXIS, so everything works in the same, reassuring way, but synced through the cloud.

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Remote Editing

Collaborate with anyone, anywhere in the world, from your own computer - even with a slow connection. Allow editors to work from home, from set, or wherever works best for them, and you.

Hybrid Workflows

Already on NEXIS or another NAS, but need outside editors working remotely? Have employees working from home? Thanks to Postlab's Workspaces and Sync, you can mix both worlds, anytime, without fuss.

"We're editing remotely with native Avid bin locking, getting super fast support when it's called upon - what's not to love about this setup. First class."

— Jamie Mac, 73 East

Remote Locking

Drive, Postlab's cloud storage, mounts as a network share which Avid identifies as third-party storage, allowing for proper bin locking - but remotely. And that's not all: Postlab can also enable all your non-Avid network storage to support bin locking, whether it's a QNAP, Synology, or other NAS.

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If you're used to working with shared storage, you're used to working with workspaces. This is why Postlab for Media Composer gives you the same workflow. Simply designate folders on your Drive to become a Workspace, and instead of having one share, you can organize as many as you need. Just like you always have.

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Intelligent Syncing

Need to keep local shared storage in sync with the cloud? Want to pull overnight backups onto another system? Postlab handles all your sync jobs between the cloud and local network, and vice versa - bidirectionally, if needed.

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Clever Caching

Not on fiber? Don't worry. If needed, Postlab caches your projects, bins, and even your media locally so that you can edit smoothly - even with lightweight broadband connections. Postlab continuously pushes and pulls only the data that has changed, so any connection that still has a pulse will work.

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Sharing & Receiving Files

With Postlab Drive's built-in file sharing options, it's really simple to send files to clients, freelancers, and other stakeholders. Easily send links so that other people can upload files direct to your own local or online drive. Drop Off & Pick Up are like having a private WeTransfer, but with files delivered directly onto your desktop.

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Managing teams

Manage Postlab teams in-app or online, whatever works best for you. Create subteams, quickly add and remove users, and enable Remote Locking for those team members that need it.

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Already on LucidLink? So is Postlab - Drive is powered by it. That's why we've made our Bin Locking tech cross-compatible. Install Postlab, sign in, and any Filespace mounted through the LucidLink app will automatically act as Avid third-party storage.

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Mac & Windows

Postlab for Media Composer is built for macOS and Windows, and future proof: our tech is the only solution in the market that is Apple silicon-ready. Still on a legacy OS like 10.14 Mojave or older? Support is available as an additional service on the Enterprise plan. On Windows? Get in touch.

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"Postlab for Media Composer is like an Avid NEXIS in the cloud with all the benefits of a local workstation. Someone in Los Angeles can work on a show with someone in New York seamlessly. On a recent production we were working in bins back and forth across the Atlantic, in real time. It's a really great workflow."

— Rich Camp, Jax Media

What your manager likes to know

Full Metal Security

Postlab's cloud infrastructure has full, industrial-strength security. All moving parts of our multi-tiered authentication only come together on your computer, and only when logged in. Any locally cached files are obfuscated and encrypted, unavailable to anyone else.

Unprecedented Flexibility

Need to add twenty users today? No problem, consider it done. Remove them again a week later? Just as easy, and we'll only charge you for that week. Don't spend capital on storage that's gathering dust. In a world that changes more and faster than we ever imagined, flexibility is what you need.

No Vendor Lock-in

Postlab for Media Composer gives you choices you didn't have before because you were locked in. Choose a new working dynamic: work the way that's best for your business. Never feel that you're being penalized for past decisions.

Get Started Right Away

Starting with Postlab is super easy. Jump in at any time, whether you're starting a new project or already deep into production. Add Postlab to your workflow at any moment in time, and move away from Postlab just as easily.

No Storage Required

Starting a business from scratch, with no storage at all? Postlab for Media Composer works for you, too. Postlab becomes your shared and collaborative storage in the cloud. It's there when you want it, and it is just as easy to scale down as up.

Something Else?

Postlab for Media Composer unlocks a lot of options, some of which we haven't even thought about. Reach out to us about your workflow, and our workflow architects will see what we can do for you, today.

Simple, predictable pricing. No setup fees or long-term contracts.

At Hedge, we dislike complicated and hidden pricing. Try Postlab for Media Composer for free for 15 days, no strings attached. Need help or a demo? Book a call anytime.

Monthly Annual (save 20%)

Need 10+ users? Reach out for volume pricing.

Additional Drive storage is $30/month or $300/year, per TB.

During a trial, Drive is limited to 100 GB.

The best customer support in the business, we've been told.

We're with you all the way on this journey. We're told we have some of the best support in the industry, thanks to our team of renowned workflow architects and extended opening hours: 9AM CET to 6PM PT. We're happy to show you why we help you be a power user, instead of pioneering.

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