Seamlessly send and receive files to and from your LucidLink filespace with external collaborators. DropOff is your intuitive, web-based file-sharing solution for creative workflows.

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Collaborating doesn't need to compromise your infosec and shouldn't require more work to set up than actually transfer your files. DropOff allows you to easily send and receive files with external collaborators that do not have access to your Filespace. Just create a DropOff Link that anyone can access from any device and off you go.

No IT Department Required

No more manually downloading from a barrage of links and then re-organizing back into your Filespace. Whether you’re receiving files or sending them out, DropOff does all of the heavy lifting behind the scenes to make sure your files are going to all the right places easily, simply, and automatically.

Built purposely for LucidLink

Thanks to LucidLink’s focus on security, their Filespaces are not your typical cloud storage solution, and this is why we built DropOff. Allowing users to collaborate with people outside of their storage walled garden, effortlessly.

"DropOff by Hedge is a convenient way for external collaborators to drop content into your LucidLink filespace"


All the features that make DropOff your go to web-based file-sharing tool

Send files to outside collaborators

With DropOff, your files are delivered directly into your Filespace and from there can be shared seamlessly to outside collaborators via a unique link.

Receive files in your Filespace

Easily share files with people that do not have access to your Filespace. Create a DropOff Link that users can access from any device without having any access to your Filespace

Credential Validation

Connecting your Filespace in DropOff is simple and comes with complete credential validation - if we can not reach your Filespace, you’re the first to know.

Superfast and geo-aware

Upload and Download files directly to a server location that’s closest to your Filespace cloud back-end, optimizing the speed of your transfers.

Multi-file Drops

DropOff as many files as you like, all in one go or use the same link to DropOff files at different times. They'll all get to the right place and we organize each DropOff delivery into different subfolders.

Web- & Email notifications

As the owner of your DropOff account you can log in from anywhere, check on the status, or modify settings. You’ll also receive email notifications when files are received into your filespace.

No subscriptions, no licenses and no software required.

DropOff is a web based filesharing solution with an easy to manage pay-as-you-go model.

  • Pay as you use
  • No monthly charges
  • No limits on files or size
  • No monthly transfer limit
  • Top up your balance at your own pace
  • Scales with your data needs
  • Localized prices
  • Single user account set up
  • User specific LucidLink Destination
  • Individual account usage balance

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