The app formerly known as Final Cut Library Manager,
now with support for FCP 10.8 🎬

Arctic is your single-view source of truth for all your Final Cut Pro libraries, whether they are connected or in a cupboard. Locate media, assets, caches, and clean up what you no longer need.

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Instant Insight

Arctic keeps an eye on all your drives, locating all Final Cut Pro Libraries, and all media and assets.

In the blink of an eye, you know which drives you need to connect to jump back into an old edit, to consolidate a project on a single drive, or to prepare a travel library.

Track & Trace

Creative workflows tend to get a little creative! Arctic is your second brain that helps you track all libraries and the media contained within.

Search event names, project names, notes, comments, media keywords, media file names and even their personalized names in Final Cut Pro.

Reclaim Disk Space

Final Cut Pro is pretty good at eating up a lot of disk space, to speed up editing. WWhen your project is finished, reclaim precious GBs.

Get detailed information on what is recoverable disk space, and with a single click, get rid of render files, caches, and optimized media.

"The harsh reality of editing video or creating content is your hard drive is going to get full. The only answer is to transfer your projects to another hard drive, perhaps an archive drive. In this video I'm going to show you how I get my Final Cut Pro Libraries ready for transfer."

Matthew O'Brien

All the things a Final Cut Pro editor doesn't want to do without, once you've used them in a project.

House Cleaning

Get a heads-up view on the online, offline, or missing status of both Final Cut Pro's libraries and your related media and assets. Duplicate, delete and move your libraries without needing to dig into Finder.

Library Templates

Create templates from an existing library without a hitch. Prepare a standard library in Final Cut Pro containing your go-to keywords, assets, Smart Collections, and more – then use Arctic to turn it into library template for future usage. It's that easy, without limitations.

Slimming Down

Keeping your edit drives lean is not Final Cut Pro’s forte, but having projects around is very useful at the same time. With the ability to prune libraries to their optimal size and keep track of their location means you don't have to move everything to secondary drives all the time.

Beyond The Export

Get quick access to files exported from Final Cut Pro - locate and preview them with Quicklook, share a link via email or visit where you published it online. Even if exports have been moved or renamed you can manually relink them to keep Arctic up-to-date as your single source of truth.

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