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Global Project Sharing

Out with the v1, v2 or final_version naming dramas. PostLab's versioning technology ensures every time a file is changed a version is automatically created without having to think about naming it - and all your team members will see it happen before their eyes.

For All Documents

A much better way to collaborate for your team than just storing files on iCloud or Dropbox. PostLab 2.0 currently supports Final Cut Pro, Logic, and Motion plus Pages, Numbers, and Keynote documents. We're adding new formats all the time. What are you in need of?

Never Relink Again

With PostLab 2.0, we go beyond our original Relink Prevention: meet Relink Elimination. You can now truly relink your media once on any team member's system and never have to do it again no matter who uses that project and what storage they use it on.

No More Conflicts

Avoid conflicts, both on files and who does what. Check out projects, files, and assets, and hand them back over to colleagues with a note on what you’ve completed and what needs to be done next...

Team Time Machine

Imagine a Time Machine, but for the team. Allowing you to step back to any change any team member on any creative project file, regardless of what system that change was made on. Seeing is believing.

PostLab Pro

Features unique to the industry, available in PostLab Pro:

Event Locking

Effortlessly move events, media, and timelines between Final Cut Pro libraries without interfering with any team members work or causing conflicts. It's such a liberating experience that you'll wonder how you did without.

Bring Your Own Cloud

Why use another cloud if you already have one? PostLab 2.0 is engineered to work with every type of cloud storage. Currently, we've certified LucidLink and we'll work with you on certifying whatever you're using today.

Getting started with PostLab 2.0

Find out the ins and outs of getting set up and trying out all the features of PostLab Pro. Read more...

Migrating to PostLab 2.0

Take a look at the available storage options for PostLab 2.0, replacing Drive. Read more...

PostLab 2.0 Early Access FAQ

Take a deeper dive in to the fundamentals of PostLab 2.0 and how it relates to PostLab Classic Read more...

Built for every type of storage

Shared Storage

PostLab 2.0 is completely serverless, meaning that you can simply store your Team Bundles on a NAS or SAN. Everyone that can see the bundle can use it - they're all on the team.

Cloud Storage

Just like PostLab Classic, PostLab 2.0 understands what's needed to make remote and hybrid collaboration work without friction. LucidLink-compatible out of the box, we're working hard on certifying more providers.

Local Storage

Very often, you're your own collaborator. PostLab is great for single-person project management, so that's why you can use it with your SSD or RAID just as well as with shared storage.

Built for every type of user


When you're on your own, maybe you need organization even more than when you're part of a team. PostLab takes you by the hand and handles all files and assets for you. Focus on delivering what you're being paid for, instead of losing time getting organized.

Think of PostLab as your central nervous system for your creative work. Manage your project files from a single place and work seamlessly across any system you have, whether it's your laptop, desktop, edit room, or even temporary collaborators.

Multi-Editor Teams

Ever heard of graph theory? Add x people to your team, and you'll run into 2^x as many problems. Whether your video team is in the office, remote, or hybrid, PostLab takes the hassle of team coordination out of your hands. Without anyone having to think about relinking, naming conventions, emailing latest versions or forgettingh to tell someone about that change you made, life becomes very pleasant.

And for Final Cut Pro teams, Event Locking will surely rock your world. Trust us, it's a transformative editing experience.

Production Companies

We live in an age of fast turnaround, small teams, and clients who really don't want to hear excuses around why you can't make something happen for them. Everyone on your team likes to work differently and organizes their work in a different way, and quite likely in a different timezone too.

Working with PostLab will save your team's sanity in this crazy world we live in, never losing a file or media again.

Content Creators

Many modern creators shoot heaps of footage, produce a lot of content, and often churn out a lot of different versions for all the platforms and formats they publish on.

With PostLab, this becomes a breeze; it's super easy to locate that edit from last year, jump back and forth between versions, never having to think about media management.

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