Fast, verified data transfers with metadata management for offload and ingest. Formerly known as Hedge, OffShoot is your ideal companion when managing media.

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All good things come in threes

Because no production or project is identical, OffShoot is available in three versions, whether you're on the go, working on-set or in a studio, or working with high-end workflows.

OffShoot Solo

For iPads with USB-C

The perfect companion for those that travel light. Offload camera cards to internal storage, external drives, or both — at the same time.

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For Mac and Windows

The app formerly known as Hedge. The reliable workhorse of video professionals who value comprehensive and guaranteed backups, whether for clients or themselves.


OffShoot Pro

For Mac and Windows

For the most demanding workflows that require S3 transfers, automation with scripting and APIs, and use high-end cameras like the Alexa 35.

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"The killer argument for OffShoot is its blazing speed, that's for sure."


All the features that you don't want to do without, once you've used them.


Superfast Transfers

Files are getting bigger, cards and reader faster, so you don't want any bottlenecks in your workflow. With OffShoot's Speed 2.0 update, our industry-leading copy engines got even faster.

Simultaneous backups

Create as many copies as you need, at the same time. OffShoot transfers multiple sources to all destinations, fully utilizing your bandwidth.

Stop & Resume

Need to stop an offload and start it up again later? OffShoot will know exactly where it was stopped and where to pick it up from without needing to redo any settings, locations or parameters.

Verification, everywhere

Everything OffShoot does is verified, by design. Whether you're doing a simple copy, need source verification, destination verification, legacy checksums: our verification technology has your back.

Presets, on steroids

Elements prompt you to add useful metadata to the media files you're transferring, so that they're properly labelled. That saves time for everyone else, and makes a smoother workflow.

Keep track of everything

Copying is one thing, knowing what went where is next. Keep complete track of what goes where, when and how, with our Transfer Logs. Additionally, Media Hash Lists allow you to automatically re-verify backups at a later time.

Right-click, Copy, Paste

Your beloved copy/paste just got leveled up. Right-click any file or folder in Finder or Explorer, and you have direct access to OffShoot's copy engine... and more!

Duplicate Detection

OffShoot's built-in Duplicate Detection ensures you can pick up any transfer where it left off, without ever running into files with identical filenames.

Filter, Rename, Organize

Still manually creating folder structures? With OffShoot, organization of your files goes a bit further: ignore files, rename everything, and resort your files into new folders - or none at all.

Move, Batch Add, and more...

New since 24.2 — more ways to work with sources: move files instead of copying, batch review multiple Sources, and a brand-new option to treat a Collection as Independent Sources.

Standalone Verification

Reverify existing backups and travel drives utilizing already generated Media Hash Lists, whether they are of the MHL or ASC MHL variety, within OffShoot; no need for a separate app.

Connect 3.0

Our beloved push notification service got another big update, and now comes with an online dashboard. Never wait for a transfer to finish, we'll let you know when it's done!



Create beatiful camera reports that will wow your client, automatically with each source that you offload.


Look ma, no hands! Automagically kick off transcodes with our brand-new EditReady integration.


Probe your ProGrade camera cards and find out how they're performing. Bonus: secure erase!


First offload with OffShoot, then create your dailies in Assimilate's Scratch without having to manually add your metadata.

OffShoot picks up your watchfolders automatically, and exposes them as destinations - capture to cloud, the fast way round.


How to be sure you offloaded a card? By flipping it's partition table - ParaShoot is a nifty way to ensure you don't format unoffloaded cards.

OffShoot Pro

Everything that's available in the regular OffShoot, and then some.

S3 Transfers

Transfer just as easily to affordable and fast cloud storage as you do to a travel drive, with all the security and safety you're used to getting from a local disk.


Codex & Alexa 35

Offload any Codex mag containing ARRIRAW, including the new ALEXA 35 HDE MXFs, with a copy engine built specifically for Codex - complete with duplicate detection.


APIs and scripting

Supercharge your workflow by automating OffShoot through our extensive API and kick off post-processing with the built-in scripting engine.

APIs and scripting

Advanced Presets

Create and distribute presets using the online Preset Builder, add subpresets, and load sets of presets using the OffShoot Helper companion app.

Preset Builder

Connect Pro

With a Pro license, the Connect online transfer overview and push notification gets super powers; automatically enroll all computers that are registered to your license, and see which computer is doing what at a glance.


Deep integration with iconik

Create sidecars for iconik's ISG application, enriched with the metadata entered through using presets in OffShoot. Combined with EditReady Server, it's ingest at its best.



The high-end version of the venerable Media Hash List, the ASC MHL is designed for chain-of-custody of media workflows. Required by the likes of Netflix, ASC MHL is a requirement of many studios.


No subscriptions. Simple, predictable pricing.

An OffShoot license is perpetual and includes a year of updates and support.

Have Hedge, want OffShoot?

It's easy to extend, upgrade, change your amount of activations and enable floating. Go to the online License Manager, select your license and hit Extend to get an overview of your options.

Got questions? We collect them all on this page, and if you have more feel free to reach out anytime.

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