Multiple backups of your media, fast and easy.

“The killer argument for Hedge is its blazing speed, that’s for sure.” Olaf von Voss, CineD

Scratch — new in Hedge 21.2 ✨

Hedge for Windows app
Hedge recognizes all connected storage
Drag in what you want to copy
Set up your destinations
All systems go, at the same time
Rinse, repeat...

Built for media

Offload media lightning fast, whether it's video, stills or audio. Make your life easy and let Hedge do the tedious jobs.

Peace of mind

When creating multiple backups takes no longer than just one, you can finally sleep well — no more late night hotel room backup sessions.

Happy Together

Hedge feels just at home on your Mac as it does on Windows. 100% native code, without cross-platform ballast, ensures stability and speed.


Superfast transfers

As files get bigger and bigger, old copy-verify methods just aren’t cutting it. Hedge’s Fast Lane engine is purposely built for speed.

Superfast Transfers

Simultaneous backups

Create as many copies as you need, at the same time. Hedge transfers multiple sources to all destinations, fully utilizing your bandwidth.

Multiple backups

Verification, everywhere.

Everything Hedge does is verified, by design. Whether you're doing a simple copy, need source verification, destination verification, legacy checksums: Checkpoint has your back.


Keep track of everything

Keep complete track of what goes where, when and how with Transfer Logs. MHLs allow you to re-verify backups later, with the standalone Checkpoint app.

Transfer Logs

Flexible at its core

Hedge is just as comfortable with NAS, SAN and RAID as it is with USB or Thunderbolt disks. Copy to and fro, or even within drives.
Need LTO? Check out Canister!

Network raid & RAID support


These days, no app is an island. Hedge comes with multiple integrations, making it a breeze to automatically hand off files and metadata to the next steps in your workflow.

Extendable workflows

Always up to date

Hedge always supports the latest macOS and Windows releases right from the day of their release. On older hardware? We've got your back - we actively support four macOS versions, and have versions for even older OSs.

Up to date


Hedge, then Scratch

Meet our latest integration: Scratch. Automatically add your media to Scratch projects, add metadata, and get your dailies...

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Labels 2.0 and more...

Hedge 21.1 brings Auto Labels, improved timestamps, a Big Sur UNTITLED workaround, and the all new License Manager...

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Managing a lot of media? Juggling many different settings? Speed up your workflow with Presets — create one for each job, ...

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Sort files into folders

Hedge was built to offload camera cards, whilst not interfering with the folder structure. However, gone are the days...

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Checkpoint 2.0

Hedge's source integrity engine Checkpoint now comes with two modes: Backup and Archive. We've rewritten Canister's engine to...

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Filter & Rename

Transfer only those file types you need, and rename them to something useful — all with
Hedge 19.3 ✨

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Simple licensing, no subscriptions.

A Hedge license is perpetual, works on Mac and Windows, and includes a year of updates.

Single License


Perfect for companies and professionals that only need to use Hedge on one computer at a time — whether it's a Mac or PC.


Company License


For those that need to install Hedge on multiple computers. Comes with online activation management & priority support.

Site License


20 Hedge seats, volume & bundle pricing available. Remote deployment API and account management included.


Connect, for iOS and Android

No more useless trips back to your computer to check if a backup finished: hook up all your Hedges to Connect for a live view of your transfers. Complete with push notifications to keep you up to date, wherever you are. Requires Hedge 20.1 or newer.


MHL Tools

With these free Quicklook & Spotlight plugins, Media Hash Lists become much more powerful: preview MHLs in Finder and search through them like your Mac is a MAM.

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