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New in FoolCat 24.3
Support for the new BMD Pyxis, URSA Cine 12K and 17K cameras, and more... ✨
FoolCat UI

A feast for the eyes

All reports are designed as dark mode websites, making it easy to open a report while in the edit and coloring room. Need to go to print? Just grab the PDF that's also generated, in light mode.

Raw, Log, and more

Raw is where it all started for FoolCat, but doesn't end. With support for ARRIRAW, Codex, Blackmagic RAW, Phantom CineRAW, RED R3D, ProRes RAW, Sony X-OCN, ProRes, DNx, and many more. Check the full list.

Built for every screen

FoolCat's HTML reports are so much more powerful than a regular PDF. Automatically scaling to work for each screen size, they're accessible on mobile and every other screen you need to view a report on.

On Windows?

We’re constantly adding codecs, with FoolCat on Windows most recently gaining Sony X-OCN and full BRAW capabilites. Whilst we continue to add wider support, check out our docs to see the current codec support status.

Supported Formats


Integrated with OffShoot

Never miss a camera reports by having them created automatically after offloading your cards with OffShoot - complete with your custom settings, production data, and company branding.

RAW and Log Color Pipelines

Enable the processing of RAW files to Rec.709 the way each camera vendor intends to. For Log video content, add your own custom Looks with .cube 3D LUT support. Available for both Windows and macOS!

Queue 'm up

As we all rarely offload a single card, through OffShoot's deep FoolCat integration it's now possible to queue report creations, without keeping sources occupied or slowing them down during offloads.

Reel Detection

Not creating a report per card, but for a whole drive filled with card offloads? FoolCat detects them as separate reels, and neatly organizes your reports around it. One contact sheet for each full day, or even one per shoot.

“One of those missing tools that is so obvious - but missing in just about every app in the world.
Genius is often simplicity that’s right in front of you.”

Simple, predictable pricing.

A FoolCat license is perpetual, works on Mac and Windows, and includes a year of updates and support.

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