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Canister for Fireball

Canister — by far the easiest way
to migrate LTO tapes to B2

Backblaze 💚 Canister

Migrating data isn't rocket science, but a chore nonetheless. That's why Backblaze and Hedge got together and created a frictionless solution for bringing your tape archives to B2, with a Fireball in between.

Migrate to B2, without hassle

Canister works with all standalone LTO drives, and supports the newest LTFS drivers. Copy a complete tape, or browse your LTOs and cherrypick only that what you need to move to Backblaze B2.

"Canister is an elegant solution that enables customers to move data from LTO tapes into Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage - enabling the data to be offsite, reliably stored, and instantly accessible."

Verification, throughout.

Canister's copy engine is built on a foundation of security. Every step in the process is checksummed, making sure that everything that ends up in your B2 vaults is identical to what was stored on tape.

No need for Terminal

Migrating your archive is easy as pie with Canister's beloved interface. Everything that required you to use Terminal for, can now easily be done inside Canister. Even recovery, if you'd need it.

Shoeshine Protection

Canister's Shoeshine Protection actively manages supply and demand between your LTOs and a Fireball, resulting in one steady and continous data stream.

Canister for Fireball

$199 $99

A 30 day license to fill up your Fireball,
including priority customer support.