Beautiful camera reports,
with high quality stills
and rich metadata.

"Foolcat does one thing, and it does it exceptionally well. It is an indispensable tool in my go-to toolbox."

— Philip Grossman
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Foolcat UI

A feast for the eyes

All reports are designed as dark mode websites, making it easy to open a report while in the edit and coloring room. Need to go to print? Just grab the PDF that's also generated, in light mode.

Pro Codecs

With support for RED, BRAW, ARRIRAW, HDE, and a bunch of Sony flavors, Foolcat works in almost every pro camera workflow - while also supporting delivery formats like DNx, ProRes, and H.264/5.

Built for every screen

Foolcat's reports are so much more powerful than a fixed PDF. Automatically scaling to work for each screen size, they're accessible on mobile and every other screen you need to view a report on.


Raw Power

Foolcat's bread and butter is creating reports for codecs that are not easy to preview: RED, BRAW, ARRI all require serious horsepower and applications to play back. Foolcat shows you at a glance what a clip's about.

Zero limits

Foolcat has been rebuilt from the ground to be able to deal with whatever you throw at it: mixed codecs, terabytes of data, superdeep folder structures - no problemo. Foolcat has Hedge's indexing engine, and it goes to show.

Queue 'm up

Create reports as camera sources come in: through Hedge's deep Foolcat integration it's now possible to queue report creations, without keeping sources occupied or slowing them down during offloads.

Reel Detection

Not creating a report per card, but for a whole drive filled with card offloads? Foolcat detects them as reels, and neatly organizes your reports around it. One contact sheet for each full day, or even one per shoot.

“One of those missing tools that is so obvious - but missing in just about every app in the world.
Genius is often simplicity that’s right in front of you.”

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