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Keep your backups in check,
with Checkpoint.

For Mac & Windows

Empower your backups

Not sure what is stored on that stack of drives in your closet? Then it's just an expensive paperweight. Use Checkpoint to index all your media, create checksums if not already present, and unlock your archive.


100% complete and healthy

Ever received a travel drive that turned out to be incomplete? No need for that: verify that what is supposed to be on the drive is actually there - and that it's in good health. No more surprises, or missing clips, half way into the edit.


Reverify existing backups

Checkpoint can verify existing files without having to copy them, using the most modern checksum algorithms. It's the ideal tool to periodically check if your stack of backups is in full working order.


Create checksums

Safety comes in numbers, or in this case: checksums. Being able to show a digital fingerprint of your media is more and more becoming a requirement in professional video production.

Create Checksums

Unlock your old archives

That stackof DVDs or other old drives that your MAM knows nothing about? Use Checkpoint to create indexes, checksums, gather creation dates, and save all of it into a format your MAM does understand: the Media Hash List.

Unlock Your Archives

Free MHL Tools for Mac

With our free Quicklook & Spotlight plugins, Media Hash Lists become much more powerful: preview MHLs in Finder and search through them like your Mac is your MAM.

MHL Tools

Regular License


A Checkpoint license is permanent,
and includes 1 year of updates.

Additional updates cost $29 per
year, and are not mandatory.

Site License


Use Checkpoint simultanously on each
computer in the company.

Includes 20 activations, more available upon request.