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Hedge is coming to the iPad! We're launching Mono early December. Preorder now to lock in your discount:



Multiple backups of your media, fast and easy. The industry standard, for a good reason: Hedge does the boring work for you.

1 seat

The Full Monty + Kyno


One giant bundle, at a giant discount: Hedge, Canister, Postlab Pro, Foolcat, and Checkpoint & a free Kyno Standard license on top! Kyno Premium?

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The Hedge Fund


Purchasing Hedge products regularly, but not ready to pull the trigger on what exactly? Lock in a 50% discount with our new Hedge Fund and spend it whenever is best for you.

Never expires. Discounts do not stack.

Bundles & Specials

Hedge Renew


Add 2 years of updates to your Hedge license to get new features and stellar customer support. Select your amount of seats:

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Hedge Lifetime


What’s in a lifetime? Well, 10 years of Hedge comes pretty close. Already have a license? We'll upgrade it for you, and chuck in an extra year for free. Also available for 3 and 5 years.

Takes a bit of manual work, we'll be in touch.

Extra Seat


Use Hedge on more than one computer at a time, by adding extra seats to your existing license. Make sure to purchase with the email of your current license!

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Hedge + Canister


Cover all your backup needs with the dynamic duo, for less than the regular cost of a Canister license - use Canister for LTO, and Hedge for everything else.

Hedge + Kyno


Exclusive offer! Offload with Hedge, transcode and tag with Kyno - and then it’s off to your NLE of choice. Also available with Kyno Premium.

Hedge + Foolcat


Last year’s best seller! The perfect pair for a data handler that not only wants fast backups, but also the best looking camera reports in the industry:




Multiple backups of your media, fast and easy. The industry standard, for a good reason: Hedge does the boring work for you.

1 seat



LTO was never this easy. Canister takes the IT out of LTO, so it’s finally dead simple to create proper archives yourself. Beats that stack of HDDs in your closet.



Nothing beats a camera report that looks as stunning as your shots do, especially not when they’re filled with metadata and are fully responsive HTML.



For one time only, we're discounting the Postlab Pro plan so that everyone can collaborate remotely without much ado.

A full year of Postlab Pro for just $8/month - also available for existing Postlab users.

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Cloud storage, reinvented. Work wherever you are, without worrying about downloads.

Lock in a full year for just $16.50/month - standalone or on top of your existing Postlab plan.

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Every hard disk will die at some point, so best to detect that as early as possible. Checkpoint checks your media against the original checksums, so you know when data rot is happening.