Our Data & Privacy Policy

To make sure Hedge works as promised we need to collect data. It ensures and improves quality. Without data we would be forced to conduct pricey and less effective research, which would result in a much higher price for you, the user.

Still, to us this feels as an undesirable situation. It's creepy. It's too easy nowadays to slip into the Land Of Gimme-All-Yer-Data, and make money off your data. So hereby we offer you a complete insight into what we think is the bare minimum of data needed to run Hedge.

We do not share raw data with anyone, ever. Period. We consider the data yours, and you give us a right to use that data by using Hedge.

Consider this document as a guidance. It does not have any legal stature. For that we refer you to our EULA, shown when opening Hedge for the first time.

No Track & Trace

All data stored by us internally has been anonymized and is not retraceable to you or anyone else. Your installation of Hedge does have a unique id, which we don’t have access to. This ensures true anonymity.


If you want your data removed from our records you can put in a request through privacy@hedge.video. Because all data is anonymized we don't know which records are yours. We will need more information from you to be able to find the records and delete them.


We do not use any trackers on our website, nor analyze server logs.


We do not store payment information ourselves, but let FastSpring, Paddle, Stripe, or Mollie handle this process. Their security and due diligence is tailored to the level needed when dealing with money. Our payment processors may provide us with information about you, like...

We don't have access to credit card information or anything like that.

Installation & Updates

To make the installation and update process work, we need to collect information about your computer. We use DevMate to manage this process. We cannot retrieve raw data from DevMate, only summaries. To our knowledge, DevMate collects the following to make sure you can install and update Hedge:

DevMate also handles Crash Reports and issues reported by you manually. When doing so you can review the data sent along, and decide not to do so. Please do though, we can't really help you without that information.

DevMate also handles the licensing, in direct collaboration with FastSpring. We don't have access to the data needed to make this work.

You can opt-out from DevMate's data gathering from the Preferences panel.

Newsletters & Surveys

We regularly send out emails to our users and others who have subscribed. We use MailChimp to do so. MailChimp collects your email address, name, sign-up date and IP address. All information you put in a form is stored in MailChimp too.

When you open an email or click a link in an email, MailChimp records this. We can manually determine which user has done so, but we don't. We only collect summarized campaign statistics from MailChimp.

Polls are the one exception: if we do a poll in a newsletter to get specific feedback, we know who voted. This way we make sure everyone that didn’t isn’t bugged by follow-up emails on the subject.

If you sign up for our mailing list we reserve the right to contact you in person. Not to sell anything to you, but probably because you're really cool and we'd like to do a special project or showcase with you.

App Usage

To learn how our app is used we collect statistics. The data is collected by Mixpanel, and we use this data for in-house analysis. At the time of writing, we collect the following data points:

This data is not traceable to you or anyone. The installation ID is not accessible from within the app without action from both you and us.


Our development process is iterative: each sprint we decide on new features and the data needed to build and validate it. When done we will remove the data point, unless it's part of an ongoing process (like a quality measurement). If a data point is added to the app, it will be added to this document. At any time, you can reach out to us to request a list of your data.

Due Diligence

Login credentials to the third parties mentioned above are not shared outside our executive layer of employees. Data collected from those third parties for internal use is collected through API's or by executives.

Policies need policing

If you think we use your or anyone's data in a wrongful way, or should be more stringent in how we use it, please let us know. We promise to be responsive, cooperative and open to suggestions.

Last changed on 20180508 by Paul Matthijs Lombert